jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014

Noticias y links sobre la visita de Jerome Glenn CEO del Millennium Project a CEPAL

"The UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean brought me to Santiago to address the global future and implications for the region sponsored in part by the South Korean government. Youngsook Park, Chair of The Millennium Project Korean Node also gave an excellent plenary address. Other participants in MP who spoke were Bill Halal, Barry Hughes, and Catarina Tully. Miguel Gutiérrez (Argentine Node) and Luis Lira (Chile Node Chair) also participated in the UN ECLAC conference" J.G.
Noticia sobre el Seminario en CEPAL: http://www.estrategia.cl/detalle_noticia.php?cod=102730
"The Chilean Council of Prospective and Strategy has just been created by former Minister Sergio Bitar and Héctor Casanueva (former MP Chilean Node Chair who is now the Chilean Ambassador to the WTO) that is together with the MP Chilean Node now chaired by Luis Lira who also participated in these meetings. I suggested that the Council should produce an annual State of the Future Chile report, calculate and use a Chile State of the Future Index, and create the Chile Collective Intelligence System" J.G.
Para ver la presentación de Jerome Glenn en el Seminario América Latina y el Caribe en 2030, "visiones del mundo, miradas continentales":   http://media.cepal.org/seminario_ilpes2014/25%20Septiembre/Pdf/J%20Glenn.pdf

Para conocer todas las presentaciones realizadas en el Seminario América Latina y el Caribe en 2030 en CEPALhttp://www.cepal.org/cgi-bin/getprod.asp?xml=/ilpes/noticias/paginas/6/53556/P53556.xml&base=/tpl/blanco.xsl

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